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Mike McFerron is a professor of music and composer-in-residence at Lewis University in the Chicago area. He is founder and co-director of the Electronic Music Midwest festival. He has been on the faculty of Hong Kong Baptist University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, and Kansas City Kansas Community College. McFerron serves on the board of the directors for the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra and is a past Chair of the Executive Committee for the Society of Composers, Inc.

McFerron's music has received critical acclaim and recognition. His music has been performed by the Remarkable Theater Brigade (Carnegie Hall), the Louisville Orchestra, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Matthew McCright (Carnegie Hall), and Cantus among many others. His music has been featured on numerous SCI National Conferences, SEAMUS National Conferences, the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Brooklyn College Conservatory's Electroacoustic Music Festival, the MANTIS (UK) festival, ÉuCue "Plugged Festival" (Montreal), University of Richmond's 3rd Practice Festival, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Denison University TUTTI Festival, Ball State University New Music Festival, Florida State University New Music Festival, Spark Conference, Annual Florida International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Spring in Havanna, the MAVerick Festival, several SCI regional conferences, and concerts and radio broadcasts across the U.S. and throughout Europe. McFerron's music can be heard on numerous commercial recordings.

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. . .one of the most tightly integrated orchestral pieces I've encountered in some time. At its core is a nine-note scale that gives rise to various permutations, yet beyond any manipulations of pitch sequences and relationships lies an inexorable, heroic quality I found remarkably compelling.

A Review of Perspectives for orchestra performed by the Louisville Orchestra
Andrew Adler - The Courier-Journal

Michael McFerron's Torrid Mix for piano and electronic playback was a highlight of the program...The interplay between the electronic and piano parts was affective and appropriate.

Kristin Shafel - KCMetropolis

. . .This is a deeply moving, powerful testament to the courage and resilience of those who are harmed...be prepared to be moved to tears as you listen and watch: no mere electronic music or multimedia installation work, it is a galvanizing, effective example of art as political intervention to bring about a more just society.

Doug McNair - Chamber Music Today

Mike McFerron's Perspectives had. . .rhythmic variety and energy. . .with drum and percussion ostinatos driving the music jazzily.

John von Rhein - Chicago Tribune

Mike McFerron's "Shape Study: Music for Metamorphoses" was part composition, part sound design and full parts amazing...leaving a wake of sonic bliss and awe.

Lee Hartman
KCMetropolis.org (October 2011)


Tipping Point
Baritone Saxophone and VR Performer (2022)

a leaf falls on loneliness
VR Performer (2021)

Transition and Apotheosis
Fixed Media (2020)

Myopic Phantasy
Mobile Device Trio (2019)

Voltage of this Night
Fixed Media (2018)

If You Walked a Mile
Marimba and Computer (2015)

6 Short Studies
Fixed Media (2015)

1s-2s Transitions
iPhone Octet (2014)

X Marks the Sirens
Mezzo-soprano and Fixed Media (2013)

Meditatio Synzygia
8-channel Fixed Media (2013)

Open Circuit
Flute and Computer (2010)

An Interrupted Memory
Fixed Media (2010)

Canotila: stretching toward the sky
Claves and Computer (2009)

Shape Study: Music for Metamorphoses
Fixed Media (2008)

Prelude to You Brought This on Yourself
Fixed Media (2008)

Henry's Trai(p)(f)(m)
Fixed Media (2008)

Fixed Media (2006)

Voice and 5.1 Surround Sound Playback (2006)

Torrid Mix
Piano and Fixed Media (2006)

Minute Distances
Fixed Media (2005)

ΔpΔx ≥ h/4π
Fixed Media (2004)

Fixed Media (2004)

Dos Paisajes*
Violin and Fixed Media (2002)

Fixed Media (2001)

Stationary Fronts
Flute and Fixed Media (1999)

Music to Accompany "Plaid is 2% Truth - #2"
Fixed Media (1999)

Piano and Fixed Media (1997)

Fixed Media (1995)


Inside the Hatch
Flute and Piano (2023)

Piano Sonata No. 2
Piano (2022)

2 Pianos-8 Hands (2020)

...apprehension of the eternal will
Piano (2017)

Smash Mouth Offense
Piano (2016)

String Quartet (2006 - ?)

ad fundum
Snare Drum (2013)

Winter Solstice
Cello and Piano (2004)

Lewis Fanfare
Brass and Percussion (2004)

Kreutzer Fantasy
Violin, Cello, and Piano (2004)

Improvisation for Violoncello and Percussionists

Conversation 2
Vibraphone (2003)

Insistent Disturbance
Piano and Percussion (2003)

Rainbow Magnetic Spinning Wheel
Piano-4 Hands (2003)

Views for Piano

Two Images for Violin*

Experience 3*
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, and Cello (2000)

Hamburger Pattie Machine*
Clarinet, Violin, Cello (1999)

Flute (1999)

Trio Divergent
Flute, Cello, and Percussion (1999)

Three Short Pieces for Six Players
Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussion (1999)

Three Preludes for Piano

Music for Flute Violin and Piano

Experience 1
Solo Percussion (1997)

Music for Viola and Piano

Red Earth
Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussion (1996)


Weather Songs
Baritone and Piano (2021)

Abide with Me
SATB, Organ (2016)

Be Thou My Vision
SATB, Organ (2015)

Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies*
SATB, piano, and brass quartet / SATB and organ (2014)

Baritone and Tibetan Singing Bowl (2015)

Loving Is
Baritone, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Cello, and Piano (2011)

Two Songs on E.E. Cummings*
Mezzo-Soprano and Piano (2006)

Nunc Dimittis
SSA (2006)

Hymnus Cherubicus
SATB (2004)

The Sobbing of the Bells
SATB and Piano (2004)

Journey to Sekhet Aanru*
TTBB (2003)

Bonitas Domini*
SATB (2002; rev. 2005)

Alleluia: De Quacumque Tribulatione*
SATB (2002)

Soprano, Tenor, and Percussion (2001)

Large Ensemble

FANFARE: Hope in the Face of Uncertainty*
Orchestra (2009)

Heroic Overture #1: Cuchulainn*
Youth Orchestra (2005)

Hymnus Cherubicus
String Orchestra (2004)

SATB and Orchestra (2002)

On the Edge*
Youth Orchestra (2002)

Between the Extremes*
Orchestra (2001)


Stepping Through. . .
Orchestra (1999)

Ten High
Piano and Orchestra (1996)

Videos and Albums

Piano Sonata No. 2
World premiere performance by Kristín Jónína Taylor at Lewis University. January 31, 2023.
...apprehension of the eternal will
Performance by Matthew McCright at Lewis University. November 3, 2021.
Inside the Hatch
Performance by Linda Chatterton and Matthew McCright, 2023
...apprehension of the eternal will
Video of score with studio recording by Matthew McCright
Pitches of π
Video work composed for "Day of PI." March 14, 2019
If You Walked a Mile
Video of score with performance by Andrew Spencer
Canotila: stretching toward the sky
Tracking session performed by Von Hansen at Kansas City Kansas Community College.
Myopic Phantasy
World premiere performance at the International Gothic Association Conference by Joshua Manchester, Quintyn Porter, and Lennette Lee. July 30, 2019
Meditatio Synzigiae